Our MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) VPN is an IP Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) based on the application of MPLS technology. It is an IP-VPN that applies MPLS technology to network routing and switching equipment, simplifies the routing mode of core routers, and uses label switching combined with traditional routing technology to implement IP-VPN.

Our global MPLS VPN solution is based on our independent international IP bearer A network (AS10099). It mainly adopts Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to realize the service of secure communication of internal data, voice, image, video and other data between multiple geographically dispersed branches in the world. It can realize point-to-point, point-to-multi-point and multi-point-to-multi-point internal private network communication for customers.

Our global MPLS VPN solution is suitable for enterprise organizations with multiple branches that have flexible networking and high scalability communication requirements. Branches need to communicate with each other and the bandwidth requirements are large. It can support the applications such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SaaS, HD video and VoIP to email in manufacturing, trade, IT, finance and insurance industry.

Provide Wide Coverage and Global Resources

At present, our MPLS VPN service covers all 31 provinces in China and more than 200 countries and regions through cooperation with overseas operators.

Keep the Customer’s Original Network Plan

Our MPLS VPN service has no special requirements for client devices and is applicable to general routers, so customers can continue to use the original devices. And our MPLS VPN supports the use of private IP addresses, and customers do not have to change the IP address planning.

Flexible Scalability

Our MPLS L3 VPN has flexible scalability and new nodes of existing customers, making it convenient and fast to expand the network. Support the establishment of point-to-point, star and full mesh connections between the new node and the customer’s original node. At the same time, it supports flexible expansion of new customers.

Our MPLS L2 VPN user Layer 2 protocol is transparent, VLAN is transparent; provide flexible high bandwidth connection and convenient bandwidth upgrade; high reliability core network with bandwidth redundancy and flexible network topology.

Provide Standard SLA Network Quality Assurance
High Security and Reliability
The Network Deployment and Maintenance Are Simple and Cost Effective

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