Our A2P (Application to Person) is a great platform to reach your global target audience in a reliable, fast and cost-effective way. It provides global industry SMS cloud communication services for clients, so that they can communicate with end users through SMS, which performs identity verification of online users and provides customer service or time-sensitive alerts.

Secure and Reliable

The dedicated carrier-class SMS platform based on private cloud directly connects to China Unicom’s mainland SMS channel, who has more direct carrier connections than any other messaging providers, and can ensure the superior performance and reliability.

High Concurrence and Capacity

It supports multi-channel concurrent processing with flexible priority settings to ensure the efficient real-time messages and batch messages without interruption from multiple angles.

Easy to Use and Integrate

With the B/S structure, it is ready to use without the installation of clients; it also supports the API interface method of three-party agreement, which can be easily and quickly integrated with the customer’s existing systems through protocol plug-in.

Superior Readability

For messages less than 500 words created in any languages and formats, the platform will automatically set the corresponding codes to ensure that the customer’s texts can be perfectly displayed on any device as expected by the customer.

Want to know more?

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