IP Transits



Our Global IP Transit provides the service to content providers, medium or large enterprise customers who have their own AS numbers and IP addresses with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for various bandwidth accesses to AS10099 global network based in Hong Kong and covering overseas. With the service, internet contents in China can be released to the global Internet, overseas Internet users can access contents produced by enterprises and institutions located in mainland China with lower latency and higher access speed.

Provide Rich International Network Resources

With the connection to the domestic backbone network (AS4837), this product has a widely interconnected international backbone network (including NTT/GTT/Cogent) to meet the high-quality demand of Internet access services.

This product has rich international network resources, covering more than 80 independent service access points, more than 40 submarine cable systems and more than 20 International land cable systems.

Flexible and convenient network access

Support high-speed access; Support customized routing; Support burst traffic.

Standard SLA Network Quality Assurance
7x24x365 NOC Real-Time Monitoring
Fast and Efficient Anti-DDoS Defense Strategy

Anti-DDoS defense strategy provides black hole routing and traffic cleaning, depending on the customer’s network situation.

IPv6 Support

Supports IPv4/IPv6 dual stack access.

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