China Unicom China Cross-border Direct Connection service, short name as ChinaDX, is an express cross China border AWS clouds inter-connection service to accelerate your cloud applications globally. By express connections of China AWS clouds with global AWS clouds, ChinaDX provides your express connected, high performed, secured, flexible AWS clouds interconnection service to enhance the workforce of your cloud-based service.

By leveraging China Unicom’s well-covered SDN-based cloud networking and state-of-art intelligent routing technology, the elastic connection SDN platform provides high-speed layer 3 connection for cross-border AWS cloud inter-connections.

ChinaDX provides AWS Clouds inter-connections between AWS clouds in China to AWS cloud of Northern California and Northern Virginia in the USA, to AWS cloud of AP-East 1 in Hong Kong, to AWS cloud of AP-Southeast 1 in Singapore, to AWS cloud of AP-Northeast 1 in Japan, and to AWS cloud of EU-Central 1 in Frankfurt.

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  • Express cloud connections of China AWS cloud with overseas AWS clouds
  • ChinaDX would provide you with the fast, high-performed, secured, flexible AWS cloud connection service to enhance the workforce of your cloud-based service


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