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China Unicom Americas offers professional ICT services globally, including America, Europe and major countries in the Asia-Pacific region. With a powerful service platform, CUA provides IT infrastructure services, maintenance, IT consulting, and a one-stop integrated information platform for customers around the world..

One-Stop Integrated Information Platform

• Security Protection and Management Services:
 Employ next-generation firewalls to provide enterprises with comprehensive threat protection, including         intrusion prevention, web filtering, anti-malware and application control.

• Network Access Management Services:
 Provides Gigabit Ethernet and PoE connectivity for customers’ data and voice networks

• WIFI Access Point Management Services:
 With the wireless controller built into the firewall, all WIFI access points can be centrally managed.

• IP Phone System Management Services:
 Voice over IP telephony solutions provide powerful functionality and value to the user’s office.

• UPS system:
Smart and efficient UPS systems protect equipment and critical data from costly interruptions by delivering reliable network-grade power reliably and efficiently.

Product Advantages

• Rapid Deployment:
All CPE devices are optimized and pre-installed. All CPE devices are plug-and-play, which can improve   deployment efficiency.

• Service Support:
Our CPE services include remote configuration, remote diagnostics, office hours and 24/7 onsite support  services. It can quickly respond to customer requirements and realize the smooth operation of customer network.

• Real-time monitoring:
 Portal interface network and application traffic monitoring, etc.

Overall solution for warehousing and logistics

Wired campus coverage

• 10 Gigabit networking, high-speed interconnection of each node
• Unified access, simultaneous access of multiple devices
• Quality assurance, through VLAN partitioning, hierarchical QOS, to ensure network quality
• Access system, office network, and external network equipment compliance inspection to ensure access security

Wi-Fi campus full coverage
• 2.4G&5G wireless coverage, IOT technology (RFID)
• Unified management, seamless roaming in the park, and access to scanner devices
• User wireless access, wireless permission control, monitoring visitor records

Customer benefits:
• Unified management: Reduce the complexity of wired and wireless management with access system
• Unified Convergence: Simplified network structure and rapid service deployment
• Unified networking: improve network performance, informatization of infrastructure, and reduce costs

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