CloudBond provides cross-cloud connection and networking for medium and large-sized internet companies and cloud service providers. This service is based on SDN technology to solve the cross-cloud communication issues that customers have in different regions and network environments.

CloudBond enables an easy integration of your clouds over fast and reliable connections-all through a simplified self-service portal.

With the optimized speed, security and performance cloud-to-cloud connectivity, you can deploy the best on-demand services to your customers.

Intelligent Network

  • Bandwidth adjustment on-demand SDN intelligent control
  • API access with automated allocation
  • SAG/dedicated line/4G flexible access

Full Coverage

  • 334 cities in China
  • 130 overseas PoPs
  • 150+ DC access
  • 40+ interconnected overseas cloud resource providers


  • Flexible bandwidth control
  • Automatic configuration delivery
  • Online network monitoring

Excellent Performance

  • Isolated & secure private network environments
  • Secure, reliable & low latency
  • QoS guarantee
  • Carrier-level network quality service

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