Video Premium Network



Our Video Premium Network provides users with global video media service, such as the real-time transmission, storage and forwarding of audio, video and large files.

Wide Coverage

Taking major international and domestic cities as nodes, the network is extended to clients and activity sites.

Large Network Capacity

Domestic nodes are connected with 10G private line, while intentional nodes are connected with 1G private line, which can be extended to 100G, and the media content exchange capacity in the entire network can be up to 1.2Tb.

Strong Carrying Capacity

On the service side, the integrated access of gigabit Ethernet, 3G/HD-SDI/SD-SDI/ASI and JPEG2000 compressed video and 4K services can be realized.

Flexible Service Access

Support 10 service models of 5 categories, where each service model can be combined freely to provide Internet service access.


The one-stop, end-to-end, rapid business acceptance and service activation can support the temporary urgent business needs and the billing according to the actual service time to save customers’ costs.

24/7 Non-stop Network Monitoring and Fault Maintenance

Ensure the quality of customers’ business, with timely adjusting and repairing the deterioration and faults of main routes.

Experienced Technical Support and Consulting Team

Inquiry, consulting, complaint and change services are provided by experienced engineers at all times.

International Service-level Agreement (SLA)

Explicit commitments of product and service standards are to free customers from worries.

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